What Makes a Shark Writer?

Sharks aren’t like any other fish in the sea, just as Shark writers aren’t like any other writers. Each member of the SharkPapers.com writing team is a genuine “apex” wordsmith and academic expert. Forget the fact that they each come from elite global universities and hold advanced degrees…many in your specific subject area. Don’t even think about the fact that each of the SharkPapers.com writers has been published in academic journals throughout the world. Ignore the fact that SharkPapers.com writers are fast, accurate, and dependable and that they actually love “the hunt” for the best research for your paper and that they enjoy killing your deadline! If you jump in the water at SharkPapers.com, you’ll find yourself swimming with real pros dedicated to your academic achievement. Here’s a quick look at some of the seasoned professionals we have standing by ready to help you achieve your academic success.

Barry D

LLB, Loyola Law

Available Not Available
  • Law
  • Master
  • 145

Practicing litigation and personal injury attorney, argumentative essays, legal research, case studies. Fluent in Spanish.

Mikail K.

Ph.D., Colgate University

Available Not Available
  • Humanities
  • Ph.D.
  • 102

Comparative literature, World History, Humanities, Creative Writing (produced playwright), fluent in Greek and Turkish.

Katherine H.

M.S., University Chicago

Available Not Available
  • Health Sciences
  • Masters
  • 163

Practicing Registered Nurse, Certified Health Sciences Administrator, experienced hospital finance and marketing writer, specializing in government contracts.

Deborah G.

MSN, University of Pennsylvania

Available Not Available
  • Management
  • Masters
  • 96

Registered Nurse, specialist in pharmacological management, clinical management protocol development, psychomotor evaluations, and policy planning.

Arlene P.

J.D., Duke School of Law

Available Not Available
  • Law
  • Ph.D.
  • 158

Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law specialist providing legal briefs and analysis; writes extensively on American Diplomacy and International Relations.

Reynolds Y.


Available Not Available
  • Finance
  • Masters
  • 198

Serial entrepreneur, expert in high-tech business planning, accounting, financial management, human resources.